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Super Storm Sandy Damage

Great Kills Park Marina suffered significant damage from Super Storm Sandy.  Many of the docks were destroyed and many boats were damaged or destroyed.  Luckily most of the Marina’s land based facilities and equipment were not damaged.

 Now, it's up to us to bring the Marina back to life.


Place Holder Image, Gateway National Park

More than Just a Marina
As one of the many heartbreaking effects of Hurricane Sandy, Great Kills Park Marina, which has been located on US Government property in Gateway National Park, on Staten Island, for almost 40 years, was damaged. This 350-boat marina is located in Staten Island, and used to serve as the home for countless boaters, their families and friends.

For most of us, our families and friends, Nichols is not just a marina. Nichols is our summer home.  Nichols is our Community. Some of us are at the Marina daily. Should Nichols close we would lose a major part of our community, culture, lifestyle and we would be forced to relocate our boats. Since most of Staten Island’s marinas suffered damage, there may not be any reasonable alternatives in our borough.  The loss of the Marina will result in significant economic losses to Staten Island.

Rebuilding Great Kills Park Marina
We're here to get the word out about Great Kills Park Marina, and encourage the Federal Government to re-build it. By combining our voices and the voices of boat owners, we hope to bring back Great Kills Park Marina.




We Need Your Help Now!

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